A Final Word

David’s last few weeks were spent in hospital as he struggled with failing health.  He had hoped to start an internet blog of devotional thoughts when he got home.  On her last visit before he died, David gave the short devotional piece below, scribbled on a bit of paper, to one of his daughters to type up with a view to this being perhaps the first post to that blog. But events took a different turn. It was published first instead in the Order of Service for the Thanksgiving Service for his life. It is a short, but very relevant word for our times to leave us with, after a life time of service in the minstry of God’s word to His people.

Saturday 19th October 2013 6.20pm

Genesis 50: Death of Jacobunity
Joseph’s brothers grasped at once the real consequences, but took no action to prevent them. From that sprung a statement of principle fundamental to the Bible and our lives:
When there is a breakdown of relations between brothers, first the cause has to be clarified, and when the guilty party repents, the wronged should forgive and restore the relationship. This should be done especially among God’s people: by individuals, churches, denominations, all support services and mission agencies. Now we must realise that this has deeper issues, i.e. God had his purpose – the good of so many people, to keep them alive.

The cause of God & Christ is best served and advanced by love, but always in a practical expression, illustrated from experience.